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Found Bugs in Gold Demo

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Hey i found some Bugs and need a fix:


1. Header Logo - is not responsive - on some solutions its bugged with the minicart

2. Update Button on Cart site dont work

3. I ve 11 Products, but it show s only 10 on the Shop Site. The first Product is not visible!

4. How to translate the "Welcome YYY - my Account" in the Header? Its not in the Pot file and i dont found the right Php File. Where is it?


 I using "full widht"  and "gold" theme and with Demo Import.


Edit: Waiting allready for support!!!

Next hard Bug found:

6. No Variations Input TD on Android Smartphone


acutality i buyed this Theme before 10 Days and its not usable now!  Pls fix it
asked Feb 26 in Modello by proflowa (120 points)
edited Feb 27 by proflowa

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Hi, what is your url?

4- this is woocommerce part, not theme related. You can translate it by using woocommerce.

3- make sure product is visible, has a price, quantity and so on
answered Feb 27 by Paul cb-theme (97,280 points)
1. How to fix the Problem on Android Smartphone? It shows the Variation Button only on Smartphone not - on pc it works
2. All Products activ and have a price and quantify. On the category Site it shows all 11 Products. Only on the Mainshop- Page not
3. No it was not a woocommerce Part, it was in the File "cb-widget.php" - i found it . (U know ur Theme not ? )
Hi, once again: what is your url?
2-3: what are you reffering to? Numbered points are meant to help what are we talking about. Not new issues.
For number of products: try to change maximum number of posts which is default wordpress behavior in wp-admin->settings->reading.
Translation: It does not matter where the file is, what matters is the translation domain which in this case was "woocommerce" = not theme related. Its not translatable by theme but by woocommerce.

Please try to be more specific, its hard to understand what you mean.
My url is:

The importent is: The Variation Bug on Android Smartphone. Now nobody can shop with a Smartphone, cause he cant use the Variation Button

How to fix ?
looks fine to me, let me check on another device. ill update you later today.
please add the code below to the bottom of your style.css

@media only screen and (max-width: 850px) {
.variations .value .select2-offscreen,.variations .value select,, .variations .value .select2-offscreen:focus {
    clip: inherit!important;
    width: auto!important;
    height: auto!important;
    left: auto!important;
    position: relative!important;
    top: auto!important;
    padding: 10px!important;
    background: #f7f7f7!important;
    color: #000!important;
    border: 1px solid #dedede!important;
    pointer-events: inherit!important;
    cursor: pointer!important;