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Product Categories & Button Linking

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Hi there. Thank you in advance for helping me with this :):)

Site :

  1. How to rename Hot Products, New Products, Best Sellers on home page to Creative Painting, Creative Art Kits, etc?
  2. Also "Load More..." button doesn't seem to work on home page. How do I fix this?
  3. On how do I make the SHOP NOW button in Callout to 

A lovely day to you & the team!


asked Feb 21 in Cosmetico by tmdc (120 points)

1 Answer

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1. Those are not categories. Hot products are products on sale, new=new,best=best. thats it. You can rename it by translating the theme. Using loco translate plugin for example.

2/3- cant access your site
answered Feb 21 by Paul cb-theme (97,280 points)
This is a public platform, ive hidden your comment. As for the rest, im working on a n update right now, if theres something wrong ill fix it.
Thank you very much!
Hi there. I need to launch the site in 24 hours. Whilst awaiting your theme updates, could you at least tell me how to Disable the "LOAD MORE HOT PRODUCTS" and "LOAD MORE BEST SELLERS" on the home page? That would be an adequate temporary fix. Thank you.
Hi, you can choose how many products you are showing on the homepage by editing the page & then edit woocommerce lists block in page builder