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Bugs in template cb-cosmetico

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We have installed the cosmetico theme in a WP site and we have found some bugs that we need to be fixed shortly. The bugs are the following, shown in priority order:

1. When we click over "Add to cart" button of a product, the cart amount is updated, but not its products list, showing the label "Your shopping cart is empty". This problem ocurrs in all pages that shows the products list, but not when you are watching a product details. This point is urgent.

2. When you are in a category products list and you select an order criteria, when products load, the page template changes and you see them as blog posts instead of products list. This point is urgent.

3. We are using the plugin "Woocommerce Checkout Manager" because we want to add custom fields to checkout form. With this plugin we are able to add new fields, but we are not able to apply to them the same style that other fields (in this case we want to add a select). This point is urgent.


4. The button for LOAD MORE HOT PRODUCTS does not work properly in the home page ( and it does not load any product. However, it works fine in other pages (i.e. We just solved this problem changing the functionality of home page.

5. When you are in the shop page ( and click on "LOAD MORE HOT PRODUCTS" and go to page 2, if you order the products, you will see only page 2 products but the first products of page 1 are missing (with ajax pagination). We just solved this issue applying style.

If you want to see the site, you will need first access to dashboard, because the site is now in maintenance mode, and then click on "Visit my site". Tell me how can I give you the credentials.


Thanks in advance
asked Nov 4, 2017 in Cosmetico by jordip (120 points)
edited Nov 5, 2017 by jordip

1 Answer

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Hi there, what theme version do you have? Current version is 2.0

I cant access your site- there is maintenance mode turned on
answered Jan 19 by Paul cb-theme (97,280 points)