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Website loosing content

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Blocks of content are failing to load. It began with one and it is now prorgressive like a hack.

It seems like the custom fields data is still there, but has been messed up ( e.g. "builder_blocks").

{"aq_block_1":{"color":"white","tint":"no","mb":"","mt":"","pb":"","ptt":"","onepage":"","icon":"<i class="fa fa-wrench builder-icon" style="font-size:30px;color:#000000;" data-tip="" data-wh="" data-ani1="" data-ani2="" data-ani3="" data-ani4=""></i>","icon_top_url":"","icon_bottom":"","icon_bottom_url":"","icon_bottom_url_class":"","image":"","media":"","v_h":"","v_f":"no","top_style":"r_w_i","bottom_style":"","show_back_img":"no","stretch_back_img":"no","fixed_back_img":"no","id_base":"aq_full_block","name":"Full Width","order":"1","size":"span12","parent":"0","number":"1"}, ...


Your help would be appreciated.


The site is running Wordfence and no vulnerabilities have been reported

But I think the section of embedded HTML should have the double quotes escaped with back slashes, like this from the demo site:

{"aq_block_1":{"color":"white","tint":"no","mb":"","mt":"","pb":"","ptt":"","onepage":"","icon":"<i class=\"fa fa-wrench builder-icon\" style=\"font-size:30px;color:#000000;\" data-tip=\"\" data-wh=\"\" data-ani1=\"\" data-ani2=\"\" data-ani3=\"\" data-ani4=\"\"></i>","icon_top_url":"","icon_bottom":"","icon_bottom_url":"","image":"","media":"","v_h":"","v_f":"no","top_style":"r_w_i","bottom_style":"","show_back_img":"no","stretch_back_img":"no","fixed_back_img":"no","id_base":"aq_full_block","name":"Full Width","order":"1","size":"span12","parent":"0","number":"1"}, ...


asked May 23, 2017 in Jetty by catalog (160 points)

1 Answer

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Hi, please send me your admin details via

I'll take a look tomorrow
answered May 24, 2017 by Paul cb-theme (97,280 points)
Please also send on which exact page is this happening
Thanks Paul, there is no need, we have resolved it. User error when fixing image paths and including custom fields in the query, sorry to have troubled you.