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The theme is not as responsive as well!

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I'm having ploblemas with the theme on your smartphone, purchase buttons are out of place on the main page and on the product page. Appears the button "details" that only takes up space on the page product category, this button needs to be deleted as this compromising my layout. How to solve this? the subject in the mobile device is more important than the computer because people access over mobile devices. I'll let the pictures so that you can analyze!
It's hard to talk to you because it seems that you choose who and when to respond. I made you an offer and you do not say anything. My programmer wants to know how it is possible to perform a floating menu in cosmetic theme.
Follow the images linked to you:
I shall be grateful if you help me!
asked Aug 2, 2016 in Cosmetico by Milca Lopes (1,680 points)

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I will check it all out this weekend.

Buttons were fixed in recent update, but for now please just hold on. Got lots of work on a new theme, Im just getting back to the support.
answered Aug 4, 2016 by Paul cb-theme (97,280 points)
I still have problrmas with this theme on mobile devices. A shopping cart page appears counted in half and displays not complete, the buttons are horrible appearing superimposed and only half. Please solve this soon because this situation is giving me damages.
Its not like that in new version, but do not update for now- in your case i'll add the fixes myself. I will check it and send you a message about status this weekend
I'm waiting, thank you.