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Some issues with translation and Woocommerce problems.

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Hello there, dear developers,

So many problems I've collected for 2 days, so I really hope, that you'll help me, because I can't move forward anymore, if I don't solve such problems.

Nonetheless, I want to create a list of problems for better experience:

  1. I left a comment day ago there ( and still haven't received an answer from you, so, I have to repeat my question: I also have the same problem with Codestyling Localisation: it doesn't start scanning, and I also use Loco Translate as an alternative translation tool and some words for example in cb-woosort I can't translate the "Submit" button, or if I haven't products on the page, there's a message: "No products found which match your selection." and I wanna to translate it. And the "cart" page, that contains button "return to shop" also need to be translated. So, are there any solutions? Also I have a problems with translating another words (I attached screenshot for you);
  2. Is it possible to hide a product slogan from product page only? (I also have a screeshot);
  3. Also I wanna know, is it possible to change a color of cart in the top-right corner of website? (I provided a screenshot);
  4. The worst problem I faced for today is related to the image of my product. (I edited my post because my problems with it were partly resolved, but some of them are still unresolved). I still don't understand, why does your theme approximate my pictures? I have the normal size, but wordpress or someone I don't know is changing the scale of product's image... Any solutions? (I've attached a screenshot and you'll see that the top and the bottom of image are cut. Maybe I need to do something with it through settings, but I haven't idea, I tried to made the scale bigger by increasing the space at the top and bottom of the image in Photoshop, but it didn't help). 
  5. The last one for this moment... is it possible to change the color of any text or item, when it is highlighted with mouse? The color is yellow, but I want another color when, for example, copying the text from my website and this text becomes yellow-colored. Is it possible to change it?

So, I attached some photos, as promised. The first one ( is related to the problems 1, 2, 3 and 5.
The second screenshot ( is related to the problem 4 as well.

Dear developers, I know, that there's a lot of questions I asked, but I really need it to be solved... You're my last chance... Please, help me as soon as possible.
Many thanks in advance.

asked Apr 7, 2016 in Cosmetico by desired (190 points)
edited Apr 9, 2016 by desired

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1. What theme version do you have, in the latest one we added new translation strings.

2. it is via css. whats your url?

3. yes, by replacing the file or css, whats the url?

4. Images are handled by woocommerce, not the theme. you have images settings in woocommerce->settings->products

5. yes, check the cosmetico->styles section.

One thing, we offer support for our theme. Not customization of it. Support gets you help with the features of the theme. Options you have available in Cosmetico page dashboard. What i see from the screens is that you need a developer.
answered Apr 11, 2016 by Paul cb-theme (97,280 points)
Many thanks for your answer!

1. My current version of theme is 1.8.1 (the latest, as I know);
2. Unfortunately, at the moment I'm using a maintenance page and I don't know, whether it is important or not for you, but I can provide you my account data if you need.
4. Please, could you provide concrete settings (sizes) for images, because I've tried to change it, but it didn't help...
5. I didn't found it in cosmetico settings...

As for my screenshots, where did you find it, that I need a developer? I thought, that such things are just related directly for your theme...:(
settings are in documentation. FAQ section. as for the rest: please send me the list of thing you need done, i will do them, leave 5 stars on themeforest and all is good. As for the dev thing- theme offers what it offers, there are styling options but not for cart icon/image for example.

contact me via
Im starting work early tomorrow and will take care of your things. If you can: try to explain what you need to do- if there is something different that current issues that is.
Thank you very much for your fast response! Yeah, of course I'll leave 5 stars:)
In some hours I'll send you a letter with the list of important issues + access to the admin Wordpress Dashboard.
I'm really sorry for inconvenience and troubling. I hope, everything will be easy for you and won't take a lot of your time to solve the problems...:(
Everthing is good. I like those things because next themes can be better for users.