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GE Trends - 3 Issues

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I'm a bit concerned because of the issues I am having. 

  1. my site is here - Shows up completely different in Firefox. On Chrome logo and menu are centered. Aligned to left on Firefox.
  2. Editor is not working correctly.  When I try to edit text, it shows a white page.  Very inconsistent.
  3. Service Times on home page shows purple on Chrome but red in other browsers.  

Other issues seems to be coming up also.  I am trying to do a quick turn around for a client and need to decide if I cut my losses and go with another template. Please advise.

asked Feb 26, 2016 in GE Trends by harrispr (220 points)

1 Answer

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No response - is there another option for support - I was under the impression that I would get support with the purchase of your theme.
answered Feb 27, 2016 by harrispr (220 points)
Hi there - if you can contact me here with your login details i will take a look tonight.