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Cosmetico Update 1.8.1

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Coming tonight or in the morning. We had some extra work to do with new woocommerce.

You will receive email notification when it will be ready.
asked Feb 23, 2016 in Cosmetico by Paul cb-theme (97,280 points)

1 Answer

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New version solves most problems with translation. Thank you for covering this!


I found, there are still 3 strings, which are unavailable for translation though:

- You are here (under main menu, visible for example in the cart, or ontact page)

- Submit (in woosort widget)

- <- Return to shop (in empty cart)
answered Mar 3, 2016 by srodas (180 points)
edited Mar 3, 2016 by srodas
you are here- settings->breadcrumbs in wp-admin