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Where can I find the includes stuff

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Goodmorning,  I purchased the Stringer theme and it is great of course. But when I download the theme the plug-inns are NOT included. and so are the premium slides. On the themeforrest website there is an image where the words are"Packed Theme" Am I missing something?

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asked Jan 11, 2016 in Stringer by kravmario (140 points)

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Hi there, plugins are included in the installator. There is a message saying "this theme requires this plugins" and there you can install them.

You can also add them manually- read the theme documentation.

The same goes for the slider. You can install it automatically as mentioned above or you can upload plugin yourself. Its located in cb-stringer/inc/

As for the slides- read the documentation. Especially FAQ section.
answered Jan 11, 2016 by Paul cb-theme (97,280 points)