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issue with the contact form in mobile view

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There is a bug in the theme , while in mobile view the contact form is hidden behind the google map. It is also on demo website. Althought we fixed that on the website which we built using this theme but as side effect there is big gap between slider and text on home in mobile view (


watch screen shot for refernce

This screen shot is taken on demo website as currently on our website its fine but that caused an error on home page. Please send a fix to this issue without effecting any other components on the website.


Awaiting your reply!


Thank you,

Gurdip Singh
asked Nov 3, 2015 in Cosmetico by Gurdip (180 points)

1 Answer

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remove this from responsive.css

.aq-first {
  1. margin-top400px;
  4. add this:


.page-id-21 .slider_top {
  1. margin-bottom400px!important;
answered Nov 3, 2015 by Paul cb-theme (97,280 points)

Thank you for sending the fix however when applied that it moved the menu towards left and the images on the home page were enlarged.

Below are the screen shots for reference. shifts menu towards left images are enlarged

For now I have reverted it back to earlier settings, please recommend a fix without effecting any other aspect  of the website.
you did something wrong.
first of all- that file is for responsive settings only. desktop like on your screens cannot be possibly affected.
second of all it has nothing to do with menu or images.

make sure you remove only "margin-top: 400px;" from .aq-first class in responsive.css
Okay, I tried that and it fixes the issue with slider but then on contact us page, the contact form is hidden behind the google map. Please check on website.

I have made the changes in responsive.css as recommended. Now please recommend how to fix the contact form in mobile view
Please look at your responsive.css file.
this is what you have:
.aq-first {
        .page-id-21 .slider_top {

margin-bottom: 400px!important;

        width: 90% !important;

remove this all.

this is what you should have:
.page-id-21 .slider_top {
margin-bottom: 400px!important;