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i cannot install that demo pages

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can help me install that demo pages ?

1)i have try to go that GE Treand > see that Demo Content .

at that option me pick demo conthent and load demo widgets with yes and images with yes .

and me click that save al settings and all time is please wait .....

2)i go rebolution slider and import silder at Documentation\\import\ allslider and all text file . but me open back all just loding not images . and i also have to go tools >import wordpress form that Documentation and go back GE Treand >  Demo Content  and load . but that no images come out .

3)can help me install or got any video for how to set up home pages ?. i just want demo fullscreen revolution sider .

i folow that document setting but no images come out . how i send my pages and account for you help me setup that  demo fullscreen revolution sider

asked Aug 27, 2015 in GE Trends by liam1985 (170 points)

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Hi there, please send me a private message here:

with your admin login details and ftp login details. I will take a look
answered Aug 27, 2015 by Paul cb-theme (97,280 points)
selected Aug 31, 2015 by liam1985
i still waiting you support .......