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I fixed some of the elements in responsive.css but many pages are not mobile friendly

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I was able to fix the "Shop" section (below), both the sizing and the alignment of the elements. But I was not able to fix the other below links to get them to display correctly on mobile friendly website. Please advise. Thanks


Non Mobile Friendly Pages: The problem with all the pages is that they overflow outside a (320 x 480 iphone 4) they do not fit inside the mobile screen and it renderes the website unusable for purchases because you cannot click on the checkout button because it is hidden off the page.

Please let me know what other responsive.css changes I need to make. Thanks


asked Jul 31, 2015 in Cosmetico by D79312 (170 points)

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Hi there, sorry but i cant really help too much with that.

First of all you have 1.4 version of the theme which is reaaaally old.

current one is 1.7.2

second of all- cosmetico is totally responsive and mobile friendly, which means that if something is wrong the issue lays with your developer.


for example i see something like that in responsive.css

#middle.slider_top {
  1. width145%!important;
  2. padding0!important;
why 145%?
and another one:
image at the bottom has style set to 
that simply cannot work on mobile
answered Jul 31, 2015 by Paul cb-theme (97,280 points)