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Have a problem with shortcode in page builder

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When I paste shortcode in the text/tab in the page builder I have problem. Pls check screenshort.разработка/
asked Jan 31, 2015 in Jetty by raminaliev (850 points)

1 Answer

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I see that its fine now.
answered Feb 3, 2015 by Paul cb-theme (97,280 points)
No. i have problem. I put shortcode from wp content. But if I put shortcode from tab, theme is have problems. If you want, I can give you login/pass.
If you want to insert shortcode inside tab block it wont work, it accepts text and html only
1. How I can create tabs for shortcode?
2. How I can create pop-ups? Can you include this function in theme?
3. Can you include translate plugin in theme?
4. How many objects we can create from page builder? is it 27 max? If I crate for, theme have problems.
1. I do not understand, tabs for shortcode? "If you want to insert shortcode inside tab block it wont work, it accepts text and html only"
2. Popups- not in the theme, check some plugins via wordpress->plugins->add new. There are dozens of them.
3. Translation- you can use codestyling plugin or WPML. Wait for todays update though.
4. Im testing this.
What pop-up plugin you recommend?
Sorry, I dont use them. Check which one works for you. I heard that itro popup works just fine.
thank you. I have a last few questions, Can you recommend plugins:
1. for create tables which can work with your theme?
2. for create price table which can work with you theme?
Sorry, just search via plugins->add new and test them. If they are written correctly every one of them will work with the theme.
1. align center wont usually work.
2. add <div style="width:300px;margin:0 auto;">shortcode</div>
3. Width is the width of the container you want to center.
4. Your admin style is messing up our builder styles, will be best to use default wordpress styles.