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Parameterization applications, categories and updates

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Good night,
I need help with some adjustments, my client asked some questions:
- That the product variations appear in the cart when the product is added and not only in the skirt of finish application;
- When cliclo in view tab my account, nothing happens, I'm not directed to any other page;
- That the cujom categories using children and sub-children do not expand completely without clicking in the child category, as shown in the printscreen
- Another issue I noticed that out a new update, as I update my theme be losing the changes made?
Follow Store link for viewing in doubt
I appreciate the attention,
Big hug.
asked Dec 19, 2014 in Modello by hetec01 (470 points)

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1- i completely do not understand that.

2- if cliclo means click, then make sure that you have my account page set up in woocommerce settings. View tab- i do not understand you

3. Thats not how its supposed to work. You could do that with 2 lines of jquery though.

4. There is a child theme provided and option to add your own css in the admin. If you didnt change any core files you are safe to update.
answered Dec 19, 2014 by Paul cb-theme (97,280 points)
1 - Follows the print screen showing how the customer would like. Look this printscreen

2 - I have all the pages created by woocommerce automaticamentes this page to view the application would be correct My Account?

3 - Could I share these two lines of codes please Jquery?

4 - I performed the backups, renamed the theme instead of replacing it and includes the new updated however remains the double error of products by selecting a category and click to load more products.
I believe this error is happening the same reason as the paging numbers in format does not work, I believe that solving the same this issue is resolved.

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Big hug!
1- not possible in the theme without custom coding.
2- i do not understand you again. If you want all pages to work make sure to set them in woocommerce- like ive said in previous post.
3- You can write them, its not a provided option in the theme.
4- Keep it to previous thread where we just talked.
understood, do not understand programming, could help me in this issue of jquery in categories, show me some example or something like that so I can try to customize the code?
Sorry, thats not included in theme features. Try some developer