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How to translate Modello

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Hi, yesterday I spent a whole evening translating Modello, but  I didn't even manage to translate one single string.

What did I do?

  1. My wp-config.php file says: define( 'WPLANG', 'nl_NL' );
  2. I downloaded the EN_us.po file from the modello/lang folder
  3. I translated the strings in Poedit
  4. In the properties of the .po file (in Poedit > Catalog > Properties) I set the language to dutch
  5. I saved the file as nl_NL.po (the was created to)
  6. I uploaded the & nl_NL.po to the modello/lang folder
  7. I clear all caches.

Nothing happens.

What am I doing wrong?


asked Nov 25, 2014 in Modello by jurgendj (170 points)

1 Answer

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this string is in .po file? Please write what word you want to translate.
answered Nov 25, 2014 by Jacob cb-theme (6,420 points)
Yes it is. twice actually. the string is:

read more
Also: Search Results for

The .po file isn't working.

If I check your support desk and look at all the translation errors there is not a single person who managed to get the translation working!
I made a list of strings I translated. The most of the strings are NOT in the .po file. Some are in the .po file (po). But the .po file isn't working anyway.

Please can you solve this issue!

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