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Why is my content not appearing after clicking "Show Editor"? Why aren't my changes being saved?

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I began to experience the following issue on November 6th, while editing any page on our site (in GE Trends Page Builder): I'm unable to see and edit current content or add new content that within text box widgets.  Clicking the "Show Editor" button function almost always renders an empty textfield or text from another text box widget that is not the text box I was attempting to edit. The text box opens up blank even when there is content already entered from before.  Addign and/or editing text in a text box widget then clicking "Save" does not result in any action whatsoever - I can only click "Close" to get out of the text box editor, and, by doing so, no changes can be saved.  I am left to click close and am still not able to make changes.  Are there any known issues with the page builder configurations or could there be something wrong with the .js or .php files for the page buider's text box widget functions ("javascript:WPEditorWidget.showEditor('aq_block_[some#]')", "javascript:WPEditorWidget.updateWidgetAndCloseEditor(true);")?  Please advise on steps to take to resolve this issue.

asked Nov 19, 2014 in GE Trends by webm (160 points)
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answered Nov 20, 2014 by Jacob cb-theme (6,420 points)
Sent. Please advise when you will be accessing.
please update wordpress and copy last version of Ge Trends from TF.
I've added the current version of the ge trends "cb-getrends" set of files to my cpanel folder wp-content/themes.  This did not restore the editing functionality within the page builder as it originally should work.  Please advise.