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Translate Theme

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Hello, I would like to know how to translate the theme.

Example: My Wishlist, Hot Products, New Products, Best Selleers,

asked Sep 16, 2014 in Cosmetico by thejhunior (140 points)

1 Answer

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From my experience to translate this theme you can do these Translation with WPML Plug-in and specificly with WPML String Translation.

Otherwise you can translate (Hot Products, New Products, Best Selleers) from:

wp-content/themes/cb-cosmetico/inc/shortcodes.php - line ~ 1696 - 1698.

answered Sep 16, 2014 by anaptyxis (280 points)
Yes, and i will these string in new update coming tomorrow

Not found a plugin compatible with the theme.

Let me link the plugin used by you?

I want to translate the "My Wishlist" in the header
The plug-in you can found at but is a paid version.
You can translate the most strings with that except some of them which will include them at the last update of theme!