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product box layout

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Hi, I'm inputting products onto my site and checking how it looks on the shop page and for some reason the boxes aren't all the same size, some are wider (the ones with longer product titles) and bump into the boxes next to them.

The spacing on the first couple products is perfect, however the last product on the 1st row has issues (see how the box is bumping into the box before it) how do I get all the boxes to be the same size?


also, on that same page, when I click "load more products" it takes a really long time for the other products to show up- is there a way to make it faster?
asked Aug 27, 2014 in Modello by happangl7 (480 points)
edited Aug 27, 2014 by happangl7

1 Answer

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add this to the bottom of style.css

.product-grid .product-item .price {
  1. margin-top54px;
.product-grid .product-item .title {
  1. positionabsolute;
  2. width100%;
  3. margin-left-35px;


load time- not theme related, it just loads new woocommerce page. from what i see here:!/xojJV/ its admin-ajax from wordpress. so probably some minifier js issue


answered Aug 28, 2014 by Paul cb-theme (97,280 points)
that worked great- Thanks!