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Modello 1.3 Update with new things

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Coming in few h, im uploading now and we will wait for the approval on TF
asked Aug 13, 2014 in Modello by Paul cb-theme (97,280 points)

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Looking forward to it! What's new in this update Paul?
answered Aug 13, 2014 by andythedrum (940 points)
Some fixes and couple of options, i will post the list in the changelog
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Still in the process right?
answered Aug 14, 2014 by javiergro (400 points)
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Update is available from now on.

- Sidebars for shop fix
- Add Media & Icons in builder text block fix
- Added Search Columns option in Modello->General Settings->Show More (at the bototm)
- Gold skin menu background fix
- Added 2 missing translations fields (quantity & hotline)
- Added option to hide grid/list buttons in Modello->WooCommerce (at the bottom)
- Subcategories view fix
- iPad responsive fix
- Added option for clickable product images in Modello->WooCommerce (at the bottom)

As always, backup and update (replace files or use envato toolkit for auto update), any questions- visit


answered Aug 14, 2014 by Paul cb-theme (97,280 points)
Center option for screens wider than 1920px fix coming tomorrow

THANK YOU SO MUCH for this latest update. I was eagerly awaiting fixes for the 'sidebar for shop' fix and the added option for the clickable product.

It's such a refreshing change to know that a theme developer actually listens to their customers and takes action upon it.

I just updated my theme and everything is working great! Really looking forward to launching soon and hopefully it becomes a success with the help of such a great theme.

I wish you guys the best of success and many sales too.

Hey Guys,

Just a quickie. I have my shop sidebar set to the right. Looks Great! When I look at a product that doesn't have any options, it's all good.

I then looked at a product with options (slim pants) but there was no sidebar (I have cart, recently viewed and tags) so I went into edit the product. I noticed that the default was centre and not right so I changed it to right. When I saved it and looked at the product listing, the sidebar breaks and overlaps the header.

Most of my products will have options but really want to show the right-hand sidebar in the actual listing.

Could you take a look at this please?

Send me a link via private message,
I making 2 new things, will upload 1.3.1 tomorrow
Thanks for the kind words man :)