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Woo commerce categories

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In the Woo Commerce shop there are three categories: "Hot List" "Best List" "New List". I need to change the name of them and to add more. Can you direct me ?

my site:
asked Aug 4, 2014 in GE Trends by exodor (450 points)
edited Aug 4, 2014 by exodor

1 Answer

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You can change the names by translating,

Hot - product on sale, New -New products, Best- bestsellers. There is no controlling that content besides that.
answered Aug 6, 2014 by Paul cb-theme (97,280 points)
I cant believe that !!! No way of adding or changing category names???? Is there another plug-in that will work here ?
You can add category yourself with some plugin. This feature is doing exactly what it should and what it was made for.
I agree that you should be able to create the tabbed layout in the visual composer. Perhaps by using product categories to populate the names of the lists that act as the tabs.
We may add this later, for now it works as it is