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Can't translate theme

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I have issues translating the Cosmetico theme to german. I installed WPML and the CodeStyling Localization plug in. Both can't translate it. CodeStyling Localization says that something wrong with the textdomain and doesn't shows a single word to translate. I've scanned all files with the CodeStyling Localization plug in and ther eis still nothing to translate.
WPML finds some words but not all. How can I translate the text "Type and hit enter" from the searchbar in the header. And how can I translate the text from the aqua builder like "Hot Products", "New Products", "Best Sellers", "Load more new Products"?
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Anybody here to give support? I need to finish this website for my client soon...
asked Jul 31, 2014 in Cosmetico by colibriinteractive (340 points)
edited Aug 5, 2014 by colibriinteractive

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