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admin , under construction, Translation

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1 I installed your theme, changed the name of admin, and now, I can only access via wp-login.php. Why? should I replace the neme of hte admin?

2 The site is not visible for users. the only page, appears: under construction, how can I disable this page?

3 Translation of the front end and back and I did the process of inserting new liguagem. OPs as you explain here in the forum but still is not translated. Should I delete the. EN directory in wp?


Thanks in advance for help

asked Mar 13, 2014 in Cosmetico by SylviaDD (1,080 points)

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1/2 Login to admin and disable under construction page in general cosmetico settings

3. You dont need to delete this, you must have done something wrong
answered Mar 13, 2014 by Paul cb-theme (97,280 points)
selected Mar 15, 2014 by SylviaDD
thanks for the reply
some of the problems we had are over;)
Translation: I tried again to install as you recommended, but not resulted's all in English and need to see the front end in Portuguese. So I installed  this plugin: after translating your theme comes this information:
"There was an error When reading this WXR file"
"portuguese: Updated: March 14, 2014 12:32 am - 6% translated, 48 strings (45 untranslated)"
Can you help me?
hi Paul
I need your help ... even still problems with the translation, I sent a message via email with this request.
To do translate theme:

1. I installed this plugin loco-translate,
2. Theme-open the CB and the domain / name = cb-cosmetic & type = & theme = themes% poedit 2Fcb-cosmetic% page% 2Flocale 2Fpt_PT.po & page = loco-translate, translation done manually in the file en.po
3 save en.po
But Thema not appear translated ...

the management of the Portuguese and English languages ​​appears after the English translation appears 0% translated.

what should I do? help me please.
You Can clarify this example? You has some explanatory video?
now try to translate as reported on the link and the plugin I describe above, but, still in English..
Please stay with your question on your post.
First of all it says there that "where fr_FR is your language code. Your new po file that you created by editing our en_EN.po file must be named the same as your languace code. In this example fr_FR.po"
so your file should be named something like pt_PT.po for portugese. Not en.po

2. If you would do everything like in this post it would have worked- 100% sure.