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I can't get the theme to work properly...

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Hope you are well. I already read through the help documentation and it did not help. I uploaded dummy content to a test site but it did not help. I understand that you may not be able to use actual photos and content from the test site but it really makes it difficult to place and replace items in dummy content if everything is shifted. Here are the issues:

Please know, the latest version of this template is uploaded. There are no conflicting plugins that may cause the theme not to work properly. I am not a noob. :-)

1. The templates such as contact, slider, blog, portfolio etc. do not work properly. When I select contact, nothing shows up. When I select blog, nothing shows up. The same goes for all others except default.

2. I am trying to add a full screen video as you have in your video presentation. I uploaded dummy content and it shows a revolution slider in the page builder but there is nothing there, no settings so I don't know where to add my video or how to add it like your video-presentation page. The documentation doesn't state how to do this and the dummy content is useless because there are no settings.


Also, I do like the template but this is one of the hardest templates I have ever had the pleasure of using. The page bulder is a hassle, especially when you can't get the information to show up properly and you have to add extra settings like <div class="fullbg-lightgrey p20" style="margin-top: -253px; margin-left: -7px;"> which you can only get by uploading the dummy content to know what it is and how to manipulate it.


I appreciate the time and effort you put into this theme and I will be sure to rate you according to your support rather than how well I am pleased with this theme. Hopefully, your other themes won't be as complicated to use and will be quicker to design and build. Happy Holidays!


asked Dec 30, 2013 in GE Trends by RaeShantael (220 points)

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1. They work, for blog select number of posts and category at the bottom. For contact - dont use it, its fixed in 1.1 version. Use normal template and contact form 7 shortcode.

2. In builder you select only a revolution slider name. Builder is not a slider. Go to Revolution Slider Settings to edit/create sliders.

Extra settings- thats how the design works, its not a normal design and there is no other way around it. If you want to create normal things using this theme it will look good as well but if you want demo look then you shoud upload demo content.

Let me know if you need anything else.
answered Dec 30, 2013 by Paul cb-theme (97,280 points)