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I need help to make the theme look like the demo and help with slider and with footer.

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I first bought the Cosmetico HTML template, customized that one and got it looking perfect, but realized for eCommerce, we needed to use the Wordpress version; so I bought this one. I know the basics of Wordpress but not extremely familiar with it. I really LOVE this template and need help. I'm sure the template is easy to use, and I'm probably doing something wrong. The documentation is not specific enough for me to be able to understand and follow.

I installed the theme without any problems, and I also installed the demo content without any issues, but I am having a really hard time with the Revolution Slider. I finally figured out how to get the slider to display on my homepage; but now it is stretching my images very wide; rather than displaying them in normal size at their actual width and height; I also need the captions and rounded buttons to appear; but those look much different also. I can provide screenshots, a link to my site and my WP Admin login information if needd; but I cannot post those items publicly. Isn't support available privately / confidentially? Looking forward to a reply, thank you!!! :)
asked Dec 18, 2013 in Cosmetico by RKLuLu (190 points)

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Documentation 8, and 8.13
answered Dec 19, 2013 by Paul cb-theme (97,280 points)
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I appreciate your response, but honestly, this does not even come close to answering my questions. I spent $55 of my hard earned money on this theme - that is a lot to me, and I was expecting better support on this item. My client really wants to use this theme, as do I - it is beautifully designed; however if I can't get support on the item I will have to request a refund from Themeforest and we'll have to choose a different theme, which I really don't want to do.

I am not asking for customization help of any kind, all I am asking is to be able to get the theme working and looking the same on my site as it is in the live Demo on themeforest, nothing more.

Repeating from my first question:

1) Where can I get PRIVATE support on this item? I'm more then happy to post a link to my live Wordpress site that is using Cosmetico, and to post my WP Admin details, if necessary, but obviously  I can't do this publicly.

2)  Regarding the Revolution Slider; I did already read thru ALL of the documentation prior to posting on the support forum. I'm not sure if there was a recent update (I downloaded the theme and bought it yesterday), but for me, there is no 8.13 in the documentation, just section 8, and then section 9.

3) Section 8 of the support says to make the slider full width. When I go to the slider options "Full Width" is not an available choice. The choices are Fixed, Custom, Auto Responsive and Fullscreen; and of course, like in the demo, I DO want the slider to be responsive.... Please advise.

4) Also, as I mentioned in my previous question, the slider seems to be stretching my images quite a bit - it isn't inserting them into my slider at the actual pixel size, its making them at least 4 times larger than they should be. How is this error fixed?

5) How do I add more columns/content to the footer of the website? (My own custom text content)

6) How do I edit the box at the far bottom with the copyright date box information?

7) How do I change the currency from european or whatever it is now, to US Dollars?

8) I also need to get Captions / headings and buttons on the slideshow which look like they did on the homepage of this template in the Live Demo.

A detailed reply that answers each of these questions would be greatly appreciated. You can also email me directly at
If you want a refund then you can ask for it, no need for a talk like that.
1. If this will be necesarry i will ask for the details.
2.  Yes there is, try reading it again. 8- Scroll a little-Common Questions.
3. Yes, but later it says that you can import slider. Then paste CSS into the revolution slider and thats it. You have a slider 100% like the demo.
4. try importing with our settings.
5. Theme supports 4 columns for the footer
6. Appearance->Widgets->footer-lower
7. WooCommerce->Settings
8. Import the slider.

This was on this platform couple of times before, no need to write so much text, its a simple thing. Try everything like Ive said, if you are having problems contact me via private message here with your admin details.